Stalis are proud to partner with the following companies.


Docobo’s technology enables clinicians and carers to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce costs by providing medical-grade digital health solutions that fully support integrated care, business intelligence and remote home management of patients with long-term conditions.

AIMES is an award winning cloud services provider spun out from the University of Liverpool whose passion is to help transform healthcare through the deployment and use of emerging digital technologies. AIMES care about improving health outcomes in the UK and believes that ‘data saves lives’ with the services they are developing in partnership with healthcare providers expected to have significant societal impact over the next 5 years.


Stalis and Enovacom have joined forces to unlock the value of data in ‘data silos’. Enovacom’s market leading integration engine combined with the CareXML data management suite breaks down the technical barriers of extracting and sharing patient data.


Better (formerly Marand) is a company that constantly challenges existing state of IT solutions in healthcare, invests time and energy into acquiring new knowledge and experience, promotes innovation and teamwork with a single goal – to develop innovative and easy to use healthcare IT products that help care teams save patients’ lives.