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In order to provide the best possible care, healthcare professionals, patients and solution providers require access to good information. Access to better information means that the right decisions are made earlier. Better decisions lead to improved diagnoses, better outcomes, more effective use of resources, improved experiences and increased patient safety.

Unfortunately, the situation today is that data in healthcare is locked away in ‘silos’, in proprietary standards and generally of poor data quality. This means that often decisions are made on whatever minimal information is available with all the resulting inefficiencies and poor patient experience.




The CareXML data management suite consists of products that all ensure that the highest quality data is used within your healthcare organisations to support business and clinical decisions.


CareInform provides an open, secure, scalable health and care platform that enables developers to build health and care applications using open standards.


In today’s rapidly changing health and care economy, IT departments need to cost-effectively integrate systems and share data across multiple healthcare organisations and care settings.


Stalis has many years’ experience of successful data migration and transformation projects and would be happy to help with planning and coaching.


With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare data management, Stalis’ solutions, based around our trusted and proven CareXML® technology, create a source of high-quality information to support the modern demands of healthcare.

Whether you’re a clinician, nurse, patient, CIO or a provider of e-health solutions, you can be assured that data provided by Stalis will be of the highest quality possible, ensuring that you can make decisions on the best information available.

Tried and tested solutions from experienced healthcare data experts.

Unrivalled expertise and experience in healthcare data management. We understand healthcare data and talk your language.

A constant focus on research and development, allowing us to respond to changing customer needs and advances in technology.

A partnership approach to implementation, based on working closely with you to define exactly how we will link, present and transform your data.

A strong track record of successfully delivering major projects with NHS organisations.

Strict adherence to all essential standards and security controls.

The ability to support any size project whilst remaining flexible and agile.


We were impressed by how the team at Stalis were very knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs. The communication between us was great, we were always kept informed on progress"

Nick Bruce, Associate Director of ICT

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

"We built data migration into the contract. We knew we needed to migrate data and we knew that we were likely to have some data quality issues. Every trust we went to had those data migration horror stories, and we didn’t want to write one ourselves! So, we did our homework. We looked at two suppliers, and then we picked Stalis"

Cindy Fedell,Chief Information Officer

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"Working with a partner helped bring structure, specialist tools and techniques as well as knowledge and expertise, all of which helped us to avoid common mistakes that could have dogged our implementation."

Dermot O’Riordan, Chief Clinical Information Officer

West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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