With over 30 years’ of experience in complex healthcare data management projects, Stalis can provide consultancy to help with digital strategy, data migration, data archiving, integration and testing. Any project that requires good quality data will inevitably mean that source data will need cleansing and transforming. The risk, effort and time taken to do this are often underestimated, while any mistakes can have huge repercussions for patient safety and organisational resources.

Risks associated with data migration and transformation can be minimised by early preparation, quantification of source data fitness, informed testing and experience.


You would be assigned a dedicated consultant who will come to you at your convenience and who can tailor workshops and outputs to your individual needs. This ensures the time you spend with us is cost effective and will enable us to show you the best use of your organisation’s resources going forwards. All our consultants are also involved in hands-on data migration projects, so you can be assured that their expert advice will be practical, current and based on first-hand experience.

Stalis has many years’ experience of successful data migration and transformation projects and would be happy to help with planning and coaching.


While many consultations are custom-made for our clients’ needs, the following represent those workshops that we most regularly perform:

• Technical Scoping.
• Data Migration Strategy.
• Data Archive Strategy.
• Testing Strategy.