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 • January 9, 2017  • 

Testimonial from Professor Roy Dainty re West Somerset

“The West Somerset deployment proved the most successful of all the Fujitsu-Cerner deployments. The main reason was that the data had been migrated accurately from the legacy systems into the configured Millennium, an accomplishment that had not been achieved with any previous deployment, whether the migration was undertaken by a third party or by the Trust itself. Not getting data migration right presents a significant obstacle to the success of a new system and, with its complexities, this is especially so with Millennium. The ensuing costs can be massive as experienced by some London Trusts.  This was the first time Stalis had migrated data into Millennium. They proved that they had unrivalled skills, knowledge and capability in this exacting and complex task. At this time, I was Fujitsu’s Chief Functional Architect for Millennium (Release 1).

Subsequent to Fujitsu, I was engaged as a consultant at the newly formed Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust where I had Management Executive responsibility for IM&T and Performance. During this time, Stalis won an open tender to establish a Data Warehouse and Performance Management System to manage data from the four legacy systems inherited from Dudley and Walsall PCTs. Having achieved this, it was natural that Stalis then also migrated data from these into Oasis which was to replace these 4 and 2 other minor legacy systems. Again, this was achieved with significant success. That deployment proved the fastest, and I believe the most successful, deployment of a PAS-Clinical system ever in the NHS; 700 live users within 5 months of signing the contract for Oasis and all major legacy systems decommissioned.

The added benefit of this ‘just in time’ staged deployment was the availability of Stalis’s patient record viewer so that all staff, according to role and team, could maintain a read view of the full patient record that straddled both the legacy systems and their successor, Oasis.

Accordingly, the lesson I would offer to any Trust regarding data migration is:

”Use experts for this task.’ Stalis have proved themselves such experts.”


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