Streamlining Services and Performance Management with Stalis’ CareXML
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 • March 14, 2014  • 

Streamlining Services and Performance Management with Stalis’ CareXML

Since the formation of the Dudley and Walsall Mental Health
Partnership NHS Trust in April 2009, the senior management
team executed an IM&T strategy which would deliver a single administrative and clinical system closely tied with a Business Intelligence solution, to unite and streamline the services the Trust is providing to its community.

The Trust chose Oasis Medical Solutions (OMS)i for the core administrative and clinical operational system and turned to Stalis Ltd (already a supplier to the Trust) for the crucial data migration and business intelligence solution. The partnership between the Trust, OMS and Stalis delivered a successful deployment in an aggressive timescale of 8 months; migrating approximately 1000 users across all the services from four different legacy systems. The Trust has been live for nearly 1 year now, and Ian Baines, Deputy Chief Executive, feels that they have really “turned a corner” and are beginning to reap the benefits of their strategy.

Ian says:

“We had several key objectives for this project; principally to implement a single modern operational system to support the services across Dudley and Walsall and to use the implementation of a new system to unite the service teams and engender a Trust wide approach to service delivery.
Stalis have been our partners for information provision and their approach to data migration ensured lower risk and minimised the disruption to management reporting. We knew that some disruption was to be expected as users got to grips with the new system and data entry, but the Stalis approach means that we are aware of where staff require more support and training to improve data quality. The data warehouse and reporting solution has given us transparency that we did not have previously and has been an invaluable tool to support the cultural change required. ”

Stalis’ CareXML® is designed to provide a core patient / client centric view of data wherever it is collected in operational systems. The warehouse structure which complements the core data is designed to enable fast reporting and agile development as information needs grow with the expanding organisation. As the legacy systems data was already populating CareXML®, the Trust has been able to quickly decommission the legacy systems saving money and resources.

A key feature of CareXML® is the Patient Record Browser, giving an integrated view of patient information regardless of data source; legacy or current. This is used on average 3,000 times a month by 150 or so different clinical and administrative staff at the Trust to ensure continuity of care, as they can see/review data from the 4 legacy systems as well as the new system.

Stalis Business and Clinical reporting – meets national standards and provides local flexibility

The attractions of CareXML® are its focus on NHS data, coupled with Stalis’ thorough knowledge of UK healthcare and its constant challenges. The data warehouse is based on national standard data structures and rules. This enables Trust staff to concentrate on their own local data challenges and improve data quality. Through the deployment of CareXML®, flexible reporting tools have been used to build dashboards and KPI measures using the Trust’s assured data. As part of the project Stalis assisted with the foundations but the information analysts took ownership of the system themselves and created reports very quickly.

Natalie Penrose the Trust’s Head of Performance and Information comments:

“The new data warehouse and reporting solution has delivered rapid business intelligence that supports both strategic and day to day decision making. CareXML gives us accurate and easy to understand performance reports at all levels that have enabled the Trust to identify pockets of underperformance, and address these accordingly.

We are currently going through the application process to Foundation Trust status and CareXML has enabled us to demonstrate Trust performance improvement and ever improving data quality, a key requirement in our FT application.

With regard to working with Stalis, Natalie adds:

“I have found Stalis’ staff to be exceptionally knowledgeable with regard to healthcare data, and they have efficiently delivered the key performance indicators and dashboards required to support the contracting and performance management function. We are ready to confidently give access to the dashboards to the Trust Executive team, after which we will roll out to heads of departments and service teams. Stalis show a genuine interest in the success of the project as a whole, and regularly contribute to our business requirements as they develop. ”

Mimi Manassieva the Trust’s Information manager has seen the improvements and benefits in the day to day management of information from the four legacy systems, to the single view of all activity.
Mimi says:
“CareXML MHMDS has saved the information team 1 week a quarter, as we no longer have to manually amend data and check the quality as much as we used to. Also the CDS production using CDS Manager saves between 1-2 days a month. There is greater accuracy and we have far more confidence in the data which is in the warehouse. This time saving has allowed us to support the Trust’s new information requirements demanded by the service transformations. We are effectively more efficient with the same number of staff, and it is more rewarding work”.

CareXML® – providing the foundation for growth…

The Trust team are now expanding the use of OASIS Oneview TM and developing their own additional data sets to support the various service and clinical initiatives. There is a close tie with CareXML® to ensure that as new data is collected it is available in the warehouse to support information provision as seamlessly as possible.

From Professor Roy Dainty:

“I was engaged as a consultant at the newly formed Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust where I had Management Executive responsibility for IM&T and Performance. During this time, Stalis won an open tender to establish a Data Warehouse and Performance Management System to manage data from the four legacy systems inherited from Dudley and Walsall PCTs. Having achieved this, it was natural that Stalis then also migrated data from these into Oasis which was to replace these 4 and 2 other minor legacy systems. Again, this was achieved with significant success. That deployment proved the fastest, and I believe the most successful, deployment of a PAS-Clinical system ever in the NHS; 700 live users within 5 months of signing the contract for Oasis and all major legacy systems decommissioned. The added benefit of this ‘just in time’ staged deployment was the availability of Stalis’s patient record viewer so that all staff, according to role and team, could maintain a read view of the full patient record that straddled both the legacy systems and their successor, Oasis.

Accordingly, the lesson I would offer to any Trust regarding data migration is: ‘Use experts for this task.’ Stalis have proved themselves such experts”.

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