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 • October 9, 2017  • 

Stalis Quality Policy

Stalis aims to provide high quality goods and services to its customers on time and within budget and to exceed customer expectations wherever possible.

Stalis operates a Quality Management System (currently with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification) including aspects specific to healthcare information management and technology.

Stalis Management is committed to:

  1. Monitoring, developing and improving the Quality Management System
  2. Continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  3. Ensure continual compliance with, and to satisfy applicable requirements related to its business activities as well as all English and EU commercial legislation
  4. The enhancement of customer satisfaction
  5. To provide a framework for settling quality objectives 


Stalis Management has a continuing commitment to:

  1. Ensuring that the customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction
  2. Communicating through Stalis the importance of meeting customer needs and legal requirements
  3. Establishing the Quality Policy and its objectives
  4. Conducting Management Reviews of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality Management System
  5. Ensuring the availability of resources to support the Quality Management System

The Quality Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability.

Andrew Meiner; Managing Director

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