Stalis are a reseller of ENOVACOM’s class-leading integration products including:


In today’s rapidly changing health and care economy, IT departments need to cost-effectively integrate systems and share data across multiple healthcare organisations and care settings. ENOVACOM Integration Engine makes interoperability a simple reality as a uniquely cost-effective solution, proven in over 1500 locations.

Rapidly deployed, scalable and easy to use – the No. 1 healthcare interoperability platform in over 1500 hospitals.

Three good reasons to choose
ENOVACOM Integration Engine:

Easier to implement and manage than other proprietary solutions

Lower cost of interface design and long-term support

Scalable and dependable


ENOVACOM Patient Connect is a unique connectivity solution that extracts vital signs and other patient information from biomedical devices and integrates this directly with the patient record. This 100% software-based solution delivers integrated vital signs information via a single interface, reducing costs and resources for IT departments, whilst enhancing patient care, reducing risk and saving valuable nursing time.

100% software solution that integrates vital signs information from medical devices with the patient record

Three good reasons to choose
ENOVACOM Patient Connect:

Delivers a complete patient record

Integrates with clinical applications

Reduces costs and administration