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Providing every Care Professional with one shared view of a patient’s health and social care information in an Integrated Care Record. CareInform, developed out of our proven CareXML® data transformation suite, gives every local health and social care organisation the ability to share and view a single integrated care record, provided without any disruption to your day-to-day electronic patient record systems.

This infographic illustrates simply how CareInform shares and provides you with a live and complete integrated care record.

A complete long-term view of every patient

CareInform is our web-based integrated care record service that offers users across all health and social care settings a complete long-term view of a patient’s encounters, health conditions and treatments, based on a single integrated repository. It provides your care professionals with access to the high-quality data that is the foundation for integrating care services, in a secure environment managed under national information governance standards.

Integrated care records intelligently link data extracted from different systems in different organisations including data from any health or social care system. This information can then be made available to users across all health and social care settings, providing them with easy access to a single accurate and comprehensive source of information throughout the patient journey, as the basis for deploying scarce resources more efficiently through improved planning and coordination.

Our innovative solution provides the infrastructure to create the integrated care record, along with a secure web-based browser application that allows users to access custom views of records spanning care delivered in multiple settings. Access to such integrated medical records online will be fundamental to achieving the NHS’ ambition to make joined-up and coordinated health and social care the norm by 2018.

Providing integrated care with Integrated Care Records

The NHS is facing ever growing and demanding challenges on its resources and information is key to addressing and supporting change. The ethos of integrated care is at the heart of many NHS initiatives including: the drive towards integrated care; delivering on the vision of a ‘paperless NHS’ by 2018 through Electronic Patient Records (EPRs); enabling support for 24/7 coverage across secondary and primary care; responding to the call for ‘Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards’; and the need to secure further efficiency gains while maintaining and improving both patient safety and the quality of care being delivered.

CareInform supports organisations in delivering on this agenda. It creates the foundation – through the Integrated Care Record, a central repository of patient and social care data – on which to build an electronic health record and serves as a single high-quality source of data that can either be presented in a variety of ways within CareInform, using our secure web-based viewer, or act as a feed for other applications such as clinical portals.

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"The experience with Stalis that I have had has been a high quality of Data Cleansing and Data Migration with a professional and consistent approach." - David Davies, Senior Director at Cerner

"The lesson I would offer to any Trust regarding data migration is: 'Use experts for this task.' Stalis have proved themselves such experts”. - Professor Roy Dainty, former IM&T Executive for Dudley and Walsall Trust

"I found that all Stalis staff act very professionally and do have a depth of knowledge in healthcare information which runs throughout the organisation." - Rafael Sorribas, EHR Programme Manager & Clinical Safety Officer for Oxford Health

"Stalis achieved a 100% success rate on all tables as well as 100% match on all future appointments" - Kevin Connolly, IM&T Director for North West London and Ealing Hospital NHS Trusts


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