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Data Quality

What is the cost of poor quality data?

Everyone working in healthcare is acutely aware of the importance of good quality patient data.

If you do not have access to up to date, verified and complete data how can you be sure that your appointment letter has gone to the correct recipient at the correct address?  A simple mistake like this can lead to missed appointments, rescheduling, delays in treatment, problems with your PTL and RTT, and even put vulnerable people at risk. These mistakes can have a detrimental impact on patient safety as well as leading to loss of revenue and even financial penalties.

It can also have a negative effect on the Trust’s reputation. Recently, the Health Secretary announced that the NHS is to have an ‘Ivy League’ of exemplar Trusts based on their digital excellence. The status of each Trust will be evaluated based on their digital performance and digital maturity. The best Trusts will become Global and National exemplars and will be able to receive more central funding to develop and improve their digital performance.

As well as helping you become one of the exemplary Trusts, our Data Quality Services will also enable  those already identified as leaders, to  maintain their  status and improve even further.

Our Data Quality Services offer numerous KPI checks individually tailored to your requirements and can highlight and report errors, omissions and duplicate fields within your PAS data.

This service can be procured via G Cloud, on a straightforward monthly rental basis (Data Quality Service)

Stalis’ specialist tools, combined with over 30 years of experience of NHS data will review the data behind an existing system to give you a clearer understanding of the true state of your data, provide in-depth information on problem areas to focus on and deliver the foundation for a focused and effective improvement programme.

This data may include specialist data items such as ‘Referral To Treatment’, clinical coding, waiting list management, care plans, bed management or Commissioning Data Sets and many more. Perhaps you need to prepare for an important event, such as moving to a new system, an organisation merger or a major re-negotiation to the contracts with your commissioners? If you have a feeling that there are areas for improvement in your data and want advice on how best to prioritise data quality resources, then this service will be right for you.

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