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Migrate your patient healthcare data without disruption and with 100% confidence. CareXML’s Data Migration tools have been used by 18 NHS trusts to extract, cleanse, transform and migrate data to and from almost every NHS application. Launch your new healthcare information system with 100% trial-load success and no duplicate, partial, missing patient data or appointments.

The infographic illustrates simply how CareXML’s Data Migration tool works

Automated to make your Data Migration faster and simpler

The CareXML Data Migration service is designed to be highly automated and to minimise user intervention and reduce the burden on scarce resources. The system offers rules based identification of data discrepancies and, through access to your originating patient record, enables fully validated data correction. Stalis offers you a head start too; with the majority of PAS/EPR, Radiology, A&E and Maternity systems already pre-mapped.

The CareXML Data Migration service provides comprehensive data cleansing, audit, transformation and migration to any suitable healthcare application. To complete the fully audited migration process, the transformation package included is built to the new application supplier’s Interface File Format (IFF) so it delivers the extracted data for loading directly into the new application.

In addition the CareXML infrastructure offers you the unique opportunity to create an “open” integrated, patient centric healthcare repository as an archive or patient database as well as a foundation to comprehensive management reporting and all of this can be achieved as a by-product of the Data Migration process.

So in moving to your new patient management system the Stalis approach ensures you can do so with no impact on patient safety or on the billing to your CCGs.

A proven track-record of NHS project success

Any new healthcare system that goes live with missing, partial or duplicate data from a hospital records database can cause massive disruption to care services and put lives directly at risk. You can remove this risk from your new system launch by using tried and tested data management tools, built by a highly experienced and specialist team of healthcare data experts.

No organisation has more NHS clinical data management and migration experience than Stalis, and none have been more successful. For over 30 years we have been assisting healthcare organisations throughout the UK in the highly complex process of extracting, cleansing and exporting data to and from mission critical systems.

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"The experience with Stalis that I have had has been a high quality of Data Cleansing and Data Migration with a professional and consistent approach." - David Davies, Senior Director at Cerner

"The lesson I would offer to any Trust regarding data migration is: 'Use experts for this task.' Stalis have proved themselves such experts”. - Professor Roy Dainty, former IM&T Executive for Dudley and Walsall Trust

"I found that all Stalis staff act very professionally and do have a depth of knowledge in healthcare information which runs throughout the organisation." - Rafael Sorribas, EHR Programme Manager & Clinical Safety Officer for Oxford Health

"Stalis achieved a 100% success rate on all tables as well as 100% match on all future appointments" - Kevin Connolly, IM&T Director for North West London and Ealing Hospital NHS Trusts


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