The CareXML Open Clinical Data Repository (OpenCDR) is Stalis’ newest and flagship product culminating in over 30 years’ experience of working with healthcare data. CareXML OpenCDR can be integrated with current EPR solutions and provides a long-term solution to clinical data storage, eliminating the need for future data migrations and the development of ‘feral’ solutions arising from a need to provide functionality that doesn’t come with EPRs.

“A feral information system is part of an information system developed by individuals and groups to help with day-to-day activities that is not condoned by management. It is called feral because it circumvents existing information technology systems or works around key system architecture”


Many times, the user has a need for functionality that is not supported by existing systems. The first step is often to talk to IT and see if they can get new features added to their current systems. Often this is either too costly, too late or not even possible, usually because it is not on their vendor’s roadmap. Since the functionality is very important for the end-user, they have no choice but to find their own solution.

Because they fill a very real and unmet need, feral systems will not go away. CIOs need to find a way to help build them in a controlled manner without compromising their biggest benefits – innovation, flexibility and speed of development. Stalis’ OpenCDR provides a solution to this, with all feral systems being ported to a well-defined, vendor-neutral data layer, integrated with your existing EPR solution, and supported by app development tools and APIs.

“The hundreds of “Feral Systems” in an average large hospital represent a goldmine of knowledge and innovation that could be harnessed in the design of digital systems that really work, but as they are today, they also create a massive technical debt and create safety, governance and reputational risks for the organisation in which they are used.”

Ewan Davies: Author of the Apperta Foundation’s ‘Defining an Open Platform’

To find out more about CareXML OpenCDR please download our product factsheet.